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Fragrance Citrus Fruity Floral Notes

The Hesperides - Ricciardo Meacci (Italy, 1856 - 1900) - PD-art-100

Citrus Fruity Floral Notes

The perfume family of Citrus Fruity Floral Notes are distinctively uplifting and refreshing with bright and playful top notes from crisp citrus and sweet fruit that are balanced by undertones of luscious and enchanting floral notes. These exquisite natural oil blends are artfully crafted to release a melody of aromas that evolve over time while on the skin.

Natural, high-quality ingredients, you’ve come to expect from by Florencia® Beauty because what you put on your skin matters. 

History of Citrus Notes:

Citrus / Hesperide are fresh & uplifting notes.

Hesperides – the last of the children of Night named by Hesiod are the Hesperides; the three beautiful nymph goddesses of the evening & sunset. They are the Nymphs who guard the Paradise Hesperides Garden with the aid of a dragon. Paradise Hesperides Garden is where golden apples grow.

Golden Apples ... or Yellow Orange Fruit? 

Oh... mystery of Greek Mythology.

A Drop of Happiness in each and every bottle.

Citronné · Travel Spray

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