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Citronné · Travel Spray


A refreshing blend of Citrus Fruity Floral Harmony;
An artfully crafted composition of bright and uplifting mystical fantasy notes.
A drop of happiness in each and every bottle

While Grapefruit, Mandarin, Strawberry and Orange Blossom release fresh, youthful, and sparkling top notes,
the charming and velvety opulent undertones of Water Hyacinth and Tuberose give the scent a lingering playful sexiness.
Clean and invigorating, fresh-sweet Neroli and Caramel base notes mingle with the middle notes to create the full body of the fragrance.

Natural, high-quality ingredients, you’ve come to expect from by Florencia Beauty because what you put on your skin matters.
Small Batch, Hand Crafted

Please note: Fragrances cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Catalina Island, international destinations.

Florencia Collection Perfume

Citronné Fragrance for Women by Florencia®

Eau de Parfum .25 oz Travel Size / Purse Size

Florencia Collection is artfully crafted and completely unique. Selecting a Florencia Collection perfume is a personal and intimate reflection of you. There is a perfect one for any taste and spirit, time of day or year, to complement your every emotion and desire.

How to Try and Wear our Perfume

Please note, Perfume made with natural fragrance oils requires contact with skin to elicit the true scent. When testing our perfumes, you will notice that it smells quite different on your skin than in the vial, in the air, or on a tester strip.

Perfumes notes develop over time on the skin, and the outcome is different for each person due to their particular personal chemistry. Dabbing on the back of the hand or the wrist allows you to smell it at intervals and see how perfume changes over time. Most perfume oils do not smell the same from beginning to end.

Enjoy a Beautiful Journey

Try Florencia Collection perfume by Florencia®. Put a drop of this unique perfume on your wrist and breathe in a little moment of magic. Experience a moment of joy you have been waiting for - one you’d like to never end…

When to Wear our Perfume

Any Day, Any Time – give yourself a Touch of Elegance.

Use as desired. Spray perfume behind your ears; or a little touch on your wrists; or spray it in the air and walk through. Whatever you do, you will experience its magic and delight. Life is Beautiful, enjoy it with the Florencia Collection.

Fantasy Notes

Our Citrus Fruity Floral perfume for women formulated with superior quality natural fragrance oils, essential oils and absolutes for a long-lasting, rich, balanced and full of luscious aroma.

Citronné is a youthful composition of light, enchanting fruit and citrus notes. Sexy and classy, cool and sparkling Grapefruit, sensual Mandarin, aromatic Neroli, sweet Orange Blossom and playful Strawberry.

Notes: Grapefruit, Mandarin, Pear, Strawberry, Watermelon, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Water Hyacinth, Caramel.

Alcohol, Fragrance Oils, Natural Glycerin.

Important:  Must be kept in cool, dry places away from heat.
Do not spray on fabrics or clothes, it will leave oil stains.

Shipping and Returns

Fragrances shipped by ground delivery service only. Currently, we are only able to deliver this item to most areas within the 48 contiguous states. We cannot deliver this item to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories or APO/FPO addresses.

Please read our Shipping & Return Policy prior to ordering.

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Grapefruit, no doubts. Grapefruit and fresh cut flowers. Strong wave just for a second and then really pleasant citrusy-floral freshness. Love the travel size. Carry it with me all the time. So glad found this site and had courage to buy Citronne Florencia Collection Life is Beautiful. Love the name too. This one is Must Have!