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Organic Horsetail Benefits in Skincare

Horsetail is a slim plant with a stalk that has the appearance of the tail of a bird or even a horse. It’s reproduced by its spores instead of the seeds in the plant. Horsetail is a very special plant due to ability to absorb unique minerals like silica.
Botanical Horsetail Extract care a lot of great qualities. Studies have shown that bactericide, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, silica, and antioxidant agents in horsetail may give the capability to it to cure wounds, rashes, burns, skin lesions and acne. Silica is proven to help form collagen and used widely in anti aging skincare.


Dimethicone - Organic Silicone

An organic silicone, used as a skin protectant and moisturizer. Found naturally in Horsetail herbal extract, silicones form a "mesh" over the skin and slow down trans-epidermal moisture loss from the skin. Well tolerated by even the most sensitive skins, they have a filming action on the skin surface and smooth fine lines.