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Did You Use Your Moisturizer Today

Did You Use Your Moisturizer Today


Summer heat and sun, never mind excessive sweating, can leave your skin parched.


This summer is very hot and dry. And if you are in the area or close to the area where fire is mercilessly swallowing everything that is in its path, your skin is getting not just dehydrated, but very dry too. There is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, that we will cover next.
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I am in California. Lately my mornings are full of ashes in the air and the sunrise looks like sunset through the smoke.
So... let' talk hydration !
Drink plenty of water to replenish your skin’s hydration from the inside. But remember, only a small percentage of water you drink gets to your skin, most of it your brain is sending to vital organs like the brain itself, heart and liver etc...
Use of moisturizer is extremely important for every type of skin and in any weather conditions.
To protect your skin from damaging elements on the outside, here are the best natural & organic beauty products packed with natural powerful botanicals for when the temperature rises. The key to restoring and retaining skin moisture is to use plenty of moisturizing creams.
Love your skin, hydrate and protect it on a daily basis.

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