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Florencia facial mask, women applying mask

Face masks and why we need them.

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Do we need to use face masks?

Does the use of facial masks make any difference?

Are they really necessary for our skin care routine? 

Yes, They absolutely are!!!

The use of facial masks is one of the important steps in every skin care routine. Your skin can benefit significantly from using the right facial mask. And use of facial masks must be an important part of your home skin care routine.

There are so many different face masks on the market. Drying masks, creamy masks, sheet masks, washable mask, leave-on masks. Masks for different type of skin, for different concerns of skin, for different ages. And of coarse, your adventure into the world of facial masks should start with choosing the right  facial mask, face treatment for you and for your skin.

Exfoliation, cleansing, hydration!

Florencia Beauty Face Masks

Facial masks are the skin care treatment that can help to address various concerns of the skin and are one of the great self-care Essentials. They can help to exfoliate, balance oil production, prevent and treat acne, clean and minimize pores, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. The benefits of facial masks have long-term effect, such as helping to achieve a better absorption of serums and creams. With regular facial masking the skin develops strength and resilience.

It is very important to have several masks in your home routine. Unfortunately, there is no universal facial treatment that will address all and every skin concern or need.

It is important to choose the right facial mask for your type of skin and skin concern, and use the face mask according to condition and need of your skin at the moment.

Our skin changes on a daily basis, so our home skin care treatments and face masks should change accordingly. The best is to have handy three types of masks and use them two to three times a week.

Type of facial masks.

In general, we have three type of masks – exfoliating, cleansing and hydrating. Each of them could add an extra benefit to the final result. For example, exfoliating masks could have a cleansing effect, or pore minimizing effect, or softening effect on the skin. Hydrating masks could be not just hydrating, but rejuvenating, or revitalizing, or toning and lifting masks. The most important is to chose the right facial treatment.

When to use masks, how often, and how many?

Florencia Face Masks

Nowadays, it is easy to use face masks and easy to incorporate them into your busy schedule. At any time, 2 – 3 times a week, during your daily multitasking at home, cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser and apply a mask.

Usually, five to fifteen minutes is plenty to treat your skin.  And it is not really necessary to stop, lie down and close your eyes (even though, it would be nice), keep doing what you were doing.

I love to do my masks in the morning. After washing my face, I apply the chosen mask and start to prep coffee and breakfast.  5-10 minutes later I am rinsing my mask off and getting ready for my busy day.

Home facial masks could be used by itself, two – three times a week. Or one facial mask could be combined with another facial treatment, or could be used together at the same time.

After cleansing, apply your mask and treat your skin with exfoliation, or cleansing, or hydration. Rinse mask off and follow with your regular daily routine.

But, any facial mask for home use could be a part of your home facial. This means that you could use more than just one mask during your home facial treatment.

Florencia Face Mask and Why we need them

Always start with a exfoliating or cleansing masks and finish with a hydrating, nourishing treatment. Basically, after the cleansing of your face, apply the exfoliating or cleansing mask. Treat your skin for 5 – 15 minutes and rinse the mask off. Pat your skin dry and apply the second mask which is hydrating, nourishing, lifting or revitalizing mask. Leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Follow with a toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. Don’t forget to use sun protection, if you are treating your skin in the morning or during the daytime.

Another fun way to use home facial mask and get maximum benefits is to use them together at the same time.

The best example of this is acne treatments. To treat acne we usually use clarifying, drying treatments that contain strong ingredients such as clays, camphor, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid. Those ingredients are very effective, but are very drying and strong, they could increase your skin’s sensitivity. So, how about this very simple solution to using an acne-treating mask? Use them together with a hydrating mask. For example, after cleansing and toning apply Florencia Camphor Mask on affected areas and apply Aloe & Azulene Soothing Hydrating Gel Mask all over to protect healthy skin from unnecessary dehydration.

Florencia Papaya & Pumpkin Brightening Exfoliating Mask – Youthful Radiance.

Papaya & Pumpkin Brightening Exfoliating Mask

An exfoliating mask is mask number one, this is the “must have” mask in every skin care routine. Exfoliation is rule number one to healthy, youthful, radiant skin.

Papaya & Pumpkin Brightening Mask by Florencia will deliver multiple benefits to any type of skin. This plant-based facial mask will give your skin a smoother, brighter complexion. Natural and organic botanicals will exfoliate and renew. This smooth & creamy cocktail of natural Papaya fruit enzymes, Pumpkin seed extract, and potent botanicals will gently slough away dead skin cells and purify the skin. 

This is a very effective exfoliating mask that will smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, will improve skin vitality and tone, will increase firmness and elasticity, will combat free radicals and help prevents premature aging. Prepares skin to more effectively absorb serums, moisturizers, and treatments.

Five to fifteen minutes, accordingly to your skin type and sensitivity, will make your skin look brighter, healthier and smoother.


Florencia White Charcoal O2 Detox Masque

White Birch is a thin-leafed tree. Beauty and romance associate with the gleaming white paper birch. Poems, love stories, paintings are dedicated to this beautiful and graceful tree.

Well… skincare cannot exist without love and romance. Birch leaves, Birch sap, Birch bark are the source of unique skincare ingredients that are getting more and more popular in skin care formulations.

White Charcoal O2 Detox Mask by Florencia is an amazing facial treatment that will oxygenate, detoxify, rejuvenate & brighten your complexion.  This unique masque infuses oxygen to the surface of the skin with a foaming, bubbling sensation and delivers a breath of life and healthy glow.

White Birch, Clay, Squalane, Strawberry Begonia, Grape, Olive, Rosemary and Mulberries extracts are ingredients of this facial mask that will deliver multiple benefits.


Florencia Clarifying Redemption Camphor Mask

Florencia Camphor Mask

This creamy mask provides deep pore cleansing, prevents & eliminates blemishes and balances oil production. Camphor, Colloidal Sulfur, Bentonite Clay are the main ingredients of this soft, creamy, but drying face mask.

Florencia Camphor Mask purifies and minimizes pores, helps to remove excess oils, dead cell buildup and other debris that clog the pores. Decongestant and astringent effects of this mask improve the texture and color of the skin. It could be used as a mask and as a topical blemish treatment.

Oily, Combination, Acneic, Problematic skin types will benefit from the use of this mask when used 2 to 4 times a week.


Florencia Aloe & Azulene Soothing Mask  - Hydrating Recovery

Aloe & Azulene Soothing Hydrating Mask

Hydration is always in need. Any type of skin, including oily skin will benefit and love Aloe & Azulene Soothing Hydrating Face Mask by Florencia. This mask could be used up to 6 times a week.

It is one of the best hydrating facial masks that delivers moisture and hydrates thirsty skin without a heavy oily feeling.
Hydrate, Restore and Soothe your skin with this unique naturally blue gel mask formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and essential oils. This Moisturizing mask is designed to prevent the loss of hydration and treat dry, dehydrated skin. This is your “911” rescuing masque to provide hydrating recovery to your skin after being exposed to the elements (sun, wind, cold). Lightweight, ultra - hydrating facial gel mask is ideal for all skin types and a great choice for sensitive skin.

Restorative Aloe Gel, hydrating and softening Alloin, soothing Azulene, moisturizing Sodium Hyaluronate, reducing irritation Green Tea, pore minimizing and toning Cornflower Extract. 

A little bit of history of Face masks

Face masks and home facial treatments are getting more and more attention, more and more popularity, and there is a great reason for it. They do work and they do improve the skin.

For thousands of years, women have been applying special ointments, fruits and herbs on their skin to look and feel rejuvenated. In the history of beauty the are mentions of use of  face masks taking us back to 5000 years ago.

Ancient Aurveda traditions have mentioned the use of face mask treatments that were prepared by mixing various herbs, plants, roots and flowers. Those botanicals were chosen and mixed according to various skin types and desired outcomes.

Egyptians were practicing beauty recipes since the dawn of their civilization on the banks of the Nile, where Cleopatra was writing her studies of beauty products. She used a Dead Sea mud mask twice a week and applied egg whites to tighten her pores. 

Yang Guifei from the Tang dynasty in China, known as one of the Four Ancient Beauties of China, was famous for her use of beauty masks. Her face mask was a mix of pearls, jadeite, lotus root and ginger ground into powder. This mixture was meant to brighten the skin, diminish pigmentation and wrinkles.

Roman women regularly used face masks as part of their beauty routine. Their popular ingredients were oils, honey, vinegar, basil juice and goose fat. 

For thousand of years face masks were used and recognized as beauty necessities that work and give the expected results.

Do we really have to question face masks and home facial treatments today?

Trust me, facial masks will improve the appearance of your skin and help to keep it healthy and radiant.

Even the best self care, the best home skin care routine, the best skin care regimen is incomplete without the regular use of facial masks and facial treatments at home on regular basis.


Well… don’t take my word for it, try Florencia facial masks and see it for yourself.

Experience Florencia face masks, treat your skin, and enjoy 10% off with code: MASK10. 

 Florencia Beauty Blog Face masks and why we need them.